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Tupelo Buffalo Park And Zoo

2272 North Coley Road

The Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo spans 210 acres and boasts more than 260 animals. Originally a cattle ranch, in 1997, Dan Franklin began adding buffalo and removing cattle. His herd of buffalo grew to more than 300 and was, at one time, the largest herd east of the Mississippi River. Construction of the zoo began, and the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo officially opened in November 2001. The zoo has grown over the years to include an expansive range of exotic animals, a reptile exhibit, petting zoo, playgrounds, and a Chickasaw Indian Village.

 The park is also home to world famous, Oliver, a Capuchin monkey whose two escapes in 2007 made newspapers all over the world. His escapes were even mentioned on The Colbert Report and David Lettermans Top 10 List. Oliver is now the proud father of 6 baby Capuchin monkeys.  Oliver has lots of neighbors such as Tigers, Giraffes , Ring-tailed Lemurs, camels, and yak and more!

The park is a wonderful adventure for children and adults featuring guided tours, a petting zoo, pony rides, zip lines, pillow jumper,  playgrounds, and more! Pavilions are open to reservations for parties, and our picnic area is the perfect place for a peaceful lunch with your family and friends. Guided tours are available through the Buffalo Park on our Bison Tour or VIP Tour where you may come face to face with buffalo, zebra, Watusi cattle, and many other animals. Guided Horse back riding on Saturday and Sunday weather permitting. You will learn not only the history of our park, but also the history of the white buffalo and Native Americans.



Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Was a fun experience with my kids. Get to feed animals food purchased in gift shop. Was disappointed in a few of the exhibits due to size for animal's best interests but am understanding that the facility is currently expanding and improving continuously. Had a blast visiting the many animals and their individual personalities. The other attractions here are intended for much younger and smaller humans; however, the safari ride within the buffalo fields and all around was amazing and so worth the trip. Will visit again and again to help preserve the zoo. Very reasonable prices for admission, other attractions, and gifts/souvenirs. Will be neat to watch this place evolve each year.

Kathy Griffin

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
We came from Alabama, had 2 of our granddaughters with us. We waited 15 minutes to pay because the lady at the register was on the phone. It was a personal call because she was on the phone with a doctors office about her son's eye glasses. She never got off the phone to help. She then placed a call to a family or friend while taking our money. The park is small. Our guide for the bison tour was great. Very informative. The animals seemed like they had what they needed but the cages were small. The tigers were beautiful, I sure hope they get the new home built for them soon. Sad to see them in such a small space. Our granddaughters loved it. Glad we got to feed the bison with them. Just disappointed in the size.

Anna Rutherford

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Tupelo Buffalo Park is a pretty neat place to visit, especially if you have kids. However, it's rather pricey and there really aren't just a whole lot of animals or things to do-somewhat of a rip-off! The zebras are cool and SO are the giraffes. And at one particular visit(my child's school field trip), we got to see(and hold) an extremely intelligent, well-mannered, well-behaved, HIGHLY-TRAINED monkey(or maybe it was a gibbon). And where they REALLY get you(take all your money) is in the gift shop(also the only way to exit the park). Your children will want EVERYTHING!! So be sure to bring a loaded wallet!

Christopher Williams

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Took the guided trolley tour. Animals seem well cared for, guide offered some insight in to their care. Walk around portion was a little small and seemed almost like it was simply and exotic pet shop. Tiger enclosure was extremely small, but they did say that they were building a much larger enclosure for them. Decent playground for children ( 12 and under) to burn off some energy. Tourist trap money making parts like the zip line and bounce table cost extra. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Animals well cared for, albeit some with small enclosures.

Diana Wiser

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
We loved this park. Took the trolley ride through the pastures which was great, seeing the animals on pasture rather than in cages was a beautiful experience. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the animals. We plan on going again next year while visiting our daughter.

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