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Tigers For Tomorrow

Tigers For Tomorrow
708 County Road 345

Tigers For Tomorrow Exotic Animal Preserve, Inc. 

was founded in July of 1999, for the sole purpose of creating a safe haven for exotic animals in need of a permanent home.

Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain is a non-profit 501-c-3 exotic animal park and rescue preserve, home to over 140 animals including  tigers, mountain lions, African lions, bears, wolves and black leopards. As a last stop preserve, the animals that come to live with us remain here for the rest of their lives. Located on 140 acres in Dekalb County, Alabama, Untamed Mountain, home of Tigers for Tomorrow, is open to the public as a premier exotic animal park and rescue, and family recreational destination, providing environmental educational programming to the community and tourists of North Alabama.

Tigers for Tomorrow was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who recognized and understood that a lack of regulations regarding the breeding of exotic animals had created a huge surplus of animals that were falling into the wrong hands. It was apparent then that many of these animals would find themselves in situations of abuse and neglect. It was also obvious that there were limited formal and informal environmental programs being offered to children, the future caretakers of our world.



To establish and build a rescue facility that will uphold the highest standards of care and respect for exotic animals in need of a secure permanent home, creating a public awareness center to be utilized as an educational tool.

TFT will illustrate how to have a respectable healthy relationship with all animals. We will take you with us on rescues; let the animals tell you their stories. Offer information and articles on the exotic animal industry, and let you make up your own mind. TFT invites you now to join us on our journey. Get involved… Your financial contributions can help save the lives of many exotic animals. If you cannot help support our cause financially, it doesn’t mean you can’t help. Visit our web site, learn more about the great need for exotic animal preserves like ours. In the twenty-first century, Tigers For Tomorrow intends to not only capture hearts but open your minds as well. Join us on a journey to a new age of awareness.

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