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Mission: Wolf

Mission: Wolf
13388 County Road 634


          Mission: Wolf was created by the need to provide shelter for captive wolves and allow humans a chance to understand them. In 1984, our co-founder Kent Weber was licensed to take care of a captive wolf in need of shelter. By 1986, Kent and his partner had started to take in other people’s former pet wolves that the owners were no longer able to care for. To give these animals a safe place away from people, he moved to Mission: Wolf’s current location in the remote foothills of the Wet Mountains in Southern Colorado.


         Mission: Wolf connects people with nature using hands-on experiential education. Through volunteer internships and national traveling education programs, we inspire individuals to become stewards of the earth. While providing a home for rescued wolves and horses, we create opportunities for growth through community service and personal interactions with animals. We value education, sustainability, and improving relationships between people, animals, and the world around them.

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