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Carol's Zoo
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! As a breast cancer survivor and one who has lost many close friends and relatives to cancer, I think it's very important to get regular checks and support research in a cure for cancer.
For the month of October, all pink (including "sort of pink") fur will be on sale. Order any of the pink furs and when you place your order using my secure on-line ordering system, simply put "Pink" under "Special Instructions" and I will take 25% off your pink fur order! A portion of the sales will then go to Cancer Research.

Included in the sale are the following furs: Black/Mauve Tips, Distressed Pink Pearl, Distressed Burgundy, Burgundy/Black Tips, Pink Seal, Hot Pink Seal, Lavender Seal, Magenta Seal. Don't forget it's also the Year of the Rabbit! Any one of the furs would make a great Carol's Rabbit. Carol's Skinny Bunny is just perfect in the Distressed Pink Pearl. But don't limit it to Rabbits and Bunnies! Pink Bears are really appealing! How about a Hot Pink Lamb?

Support this good cause and receive a great discount at the same time!

Happy Sewing!
Carol, the Zookeeper

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