Bronx Zoo

2300 Southern Boulevard

As the world’s largest urban zoo, the Bronx Zoo features more than 600 species. Enjoy daily penguin and sea lion feedings and more.


Ryan Cywinski

Monday, July 3, 2017

It was a very nice zoo. Nice display of animals. The zoo was very clean and the staff was helpful. The animals appeared to be well taken care of. The only thing that I would recommend is more signs for parking to the lot. We were able to park on the street but almost got a parking ticket. Overall, it was a great day trip. They say it is recommended 2 days to see everything, but we comfortably did it in one day.

Jeannette Marie Olmeda

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017

Bronx Zoo is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society. They're helping to preserve wildlife and our planet in many ways. Many tours, classes and their online Web page, inform the public about wildlife preservation and planetary conservation. Their exhibits are beautifully designed to be as close to the animals' natural habitats as possible and have many informative and educational signs located throughout the exhibits. Their new Treetop Adventure and Nature Trail exhibits are as fun as they are beautiful. The Bronx Zoo has something for everyone, young and old!

Danielle McQueen

Thursday, July 6, 2017

As an animal lover, I go to this zoo quite often. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. You can find them all over the park and they will gladly answer any questions about the animals, or teach you something new. It's a nice day trip. It's huge, but the setting is beautiful as you make your way through the zoo. There are many different events throughout the year for families and some for adults only. Daily activities change throughout the year. It's worth checking out at Christmastime, just bundle up because it's cold. I suggest that you bring a stroller for the little ones because it's a LOT of walking. If you have grandparents or elderly people in your group, you may want to get a wheelchair/scooter because there are also a lot of inclines as you walk. You get a good workout in after spending the day!

Alison Kan

Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017

The Bronx Zoo is a huge and amazing zoo that I was pleased to find out does a ton of conservation work and a lot to inform the public about wildlife conservation. There's so many exhibits that it's pretty hard to see everything in one day, but I loved everything I did see. All of the staff is super knowledgeable and passionate about the animals, and overall, it's a great place to visit for any age.

Nadine Jean Baptiste

Friday, Aug. 4, 2017

I love the Bronx Zoo attractions for kids. I love the animals I was able to see. But what I didn't like Being that I'm a new mom and I hadn't been myself before this day. I was just excited as my child and nephew. There is no one to help you. To find someone you have to turn from where your walking to find someone in a green shirt to help you. I hated that cause it killed time in this oh so big zoo. So that was hated but zoo was awesome. (I must say when a worker was found they were really help full).